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Hello and welcome to my site.
I would like to introduce you to some examples of my art work and to tell you a little about me and what I do.
My name is Andy Thomas and I am an artist living and working in rural Hampshire.
I have been making art, in a variety of media, for many years, but it has been in the last five that I have concentrated my practice on painting.
I am inspired by many things, art history, the natural world, modern living and not least, the physical act of painting itself. What really excites me about working the way I do, is the thrill of seeing a new image appear out of a blank, empty surface in a matter of moments. The method of painting I use is a very physical one, and my paintings are, hopefully, an illustration of energy frozen in time.
The paintings are made using acrylic paint on primed m.d.f. panels The panels are square or rectangular with the image placed centrally. Square panels are 81cm by 81cm or 62cm by 62cm and recangular panels are 122cm by 41cm or 122cm by 62cm. Allpanels are 5cm deep.
Hope you like them.